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Dustin Ridgway D.C.

I wish I could tell my patients I always wanted to become a chiropractor, but that is not the case. My story involves severe headaches that started in my 20’s. The headaches would start in the afternoon and continue into the night and made normal activities a major task if not impossible. After one year of going to different specialists and having test after test run without answers, I became frustrated.

When I was told I needed to take a drug daily in an attempt to lessen the symptoms, I knew I had to find a better answer. My parents brought me to a chiropractor and I will admit I was more than a little nervous at the idea of my neck being adjusted. I was surprised that he was able to quickly find so many points on my neck and upper back that were sore.

Within the first few treatments my headaches started to diminish and after a few weeks became almost non-existent. I was fascinated at how something that appeared so simple, the chiropractic adjustment, could be so powerful and yet so overlooked. From that point forward my goal was to help as many people as possible through natural, safe and effective chiropractic care.

Dr. Ridgway has been in Durango since 2011 and lives with his wife Audrey and their 5 children. He is actively involved in Durango Little League Baseball, Devo, youth soccer, and snow sports. He is also an active member and a Paul Harris Fellow of Durango Day Break Rotary.

Academic Profile

  • 1999 Bachelor of Science in Biology from Oklahoma City University
  • 2003 Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic
  • 2007 Decompression Certification from Kennedy Decompression Technique
  • 2007 Certified in Class 4 Laser
  • 2007 Active Therapeutic Movement provider
  • 2016 Advanced Certified in Integrated Dry-Needling
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